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When break the routine and become the white walls of the white marble slabs three dimensional perspective space background wall, when a variety of fashion elements and space together, you will feel different sense. As a new type of personalized household style, background wall has long been the design of "focus", at the same time it also reflects the owners personalized special space.
Setting wall to support the appearance of the house
The current setting wall is no longer the same Great Wall, but can be based on different scenarios
Can be customized different style. So, how to design the white marble mosaic setting wall of different scenarios in order to meet the owner's taste and enhance the temperament of whole space? To look down, full screen let you surprise!
TV setting wall is the visual center of the sitting room is the space. This is the place where everyone Z is willing to spend money, is also the key to the whole decoration face project. The background of the Great Wall can be designed for the space of the overall effect graces many, also can show the temperament of the family in front of guests, this directly affects the living room is beautiful.
White marble is modern and elegant pietra gray marble design element. Through the combination of gorgeous and natural texture and texture, the space will be full of fashionable temperament. It is a more general design elements.
Grey marble on the overall quality is also very simple, and high-grade. In TV setting wall used it will create a simple but solemn temperament.
Sofa setting wall is just like the individuality expression grey marble slab in the sitting room. Although it's hidden behind the sofa, but made a direct impression to the guest. Decorate good background wall can reflect master culture and taste, this is directly related to hospitality atmosphere is harmonious.
Natural stone has jade quality, fine texture, casual and natural texture pour down, with the ornament of grey, but in the confusion, it has its own rules, vividly show the unique temperament of natural stone.
Nature trails texture, like snow mountain of ups and downs, marble processing factory for the whole space added a sense of open, reveal elegant atmosphere of the space.

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